On 29th April 1980 APLIDEX, S.A. was founded with the objective of developing new techniques of processing, in injection machines, a new product researched and developed in the laboratories of Alcudia, today REPSOL, called "Copolymer E.V.A.". Aplidex was the first company that started with this process and that was a world novelty.

This compound "Copolymer E.V.A." represented at that time a real shock in the world of plastics because of its revolutionary transformation process. Even today, despite the years that have passed, it is still a live issue at present, and more taking into consideration that this "E.V.A. copolymer" is especially difficult to work with. This product requires very technical and sophisticated machinery to be transformed because of its special characteristics, as well moulds made with a high precision technology. In addition, it is necessary a deep knowledge in every manufacturing phase, that demands qualified and highly specialized staff in the production line to ensure the results.

Since 1980 making a constant work of research and study that has made us to know deeply the properties of this complex material. That has allowed us to bring new products to the market, and replace some traditional, with the advantages of quality and safety that provides the use of "E.V.A. copolymer".

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