The products elaborated with the EVA copolymer are between three and four times lighter than others elaborated with similar materials. They are also highly durable and resistant to erosion. They are also an ecological product which is interesting for national and international products. In spite of that our Company is solidly implanted in the national market we are strongly projected to the international market. We are exporting around 40% of our production, mainly to Portugal, France, Italy and The Netherlands.

We are present in so different and important sectors like:

CHILDCARE: Wheels for strollers.

HOME PRODUCTS: Wheels for shopping trolleys.

SPORTS: Wheels for bicycles, tricycles, skates, etc.

ROLLING AND FIX ORTHOPEDICS: Wheels for wheelchairs, walking frames, wedges, platforms and soles.

NAUTICAL: Floats and buoys.

FOOTWEAR: Platforms for shoes.

We could also adapt our production to our customers' requests if they need a customized product.